• Laniegirl

    Worst fears confirmed

    June 21, 2017 by Laniegirl

    Oh shit I'm the only one actually editing this wiki

    So much for Luke Rebuke actually helping Hairspray wiki get some good attention...

    Guess I'm on my own. So sad.

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  • Laniegirl


    June 20, 2017 by Laniegirl

    Honestly, I'm just trying to get points, don't hate me. It just seems like writing a blog post is a good idea, ya know? Well, I just got out of school (10th grade is over woop woop) and I spent last night rewatching Hairspray. I also made a series of videos on my fan account called HIDDEN HAIRSPRAY where I showed three different things that aren't totally noticable when watching Hairspray for the first time.

    Amber and the Dancer

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  • LukeRebuke

    This Wikia is making progress and has turned out great, but it still needs a lot of work done! We have been aware that most pages are stubs and I will fix that problem as soon as I can. Many things are in progress and we are trying to add new features and telling other Wikians about Hairspray Wiki...

    • There has been pages that has been started but not completed, but has some quality! Like for example: The New Girl in Town.
    • Spam and inappropriate cussing on some pages and comments that aren't needed and will be reported to the Wikia Staff, to get the problem fixed. For Example: Bobby
    • There has also been a reporting about untrue or "fake" information on many pages and (or) comments and will try to get fixed as soon as possible!
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