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Brenda is a dancer on The Corny Collins Show in the 2007 version of Hairspray.  

Characteristics Edit

Brenda has dark hair and pale skin, and seems to be fond of the color blue, as she is seen wearing it in both scenes in which she dances (Nicest Kids in Town and Miss Baltimore Crabs). She also seems to like chewing gum (Miss Baltimore Crabs). 

Story Edit

She announces that she is leaving the show for nine months just after Link Larkin sings "It Takes Two." It is presumed that she is pregnant, some believe with Corny Collins' child, because she states that she will be gone for nine months, after being shown arguing with Corny Collins in the background. Her absence opens up a spot on the show that Tracy auditions for and ends up filling.   

Fender, a male dancer on the show could possibly be her brother.

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