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Velma Von Tussle
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Brenda Ex-lover (2007 movie)

Corny Collins is a central character on Hairspray, both, 1988 and 2007. Is the host of The Corny Collins Show and a good friend of the lead character Tracy Turnblad.

Personal LifeEdit

There are few things that are known of his personal life, he is a handsome, generous and friendly guy who doesn't say things about people, especially if he just met them or if they deserve it.

He may have had a relationship with Brenda, in the 2007 movie, as evident by their arguing in the background, and saying he needed a girl who "wasn't so free-wheeling". The actress who played Brenda has since confirmed that Corny Collins is the father of Brenda's baby.

He dislikes Velma because she is racist and a bad person, and has a semi-friendly but semi-contentious relationship with Amber because she's always trying to take over his spotlight on the show. He also gives opportunities to people that need them and also defends people. He later integrates PBJ his show after Little Inez Stubbs is the one who gets the most votes, and he also allows Motormouth Maybelle and her dancers to dance on the stage.

In the original film it is revealed he likes to drink alcohol, while in the remake, nothing is said about his drinking. In the 1988 movie Tammy is his assistant and possibly his girlfriend. In the remake, he is much more extroverted and groovy, helping Tracy to grow famous in his show, and he also approves the Negro Day. After Little Inez Stubbs wins the Miss Teenager Hairspray title and the Corny Collins Show is officially integrated, Velma Von Tussle is caught switching the cards, and Corny threatens her, telling that he was thinking of selling his show to another TV station.